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The following information is a summary for migration to Australia as a parent. We have simplified the material for ease of explanation. Please do not try making an application based only on the information provided in this summary.

If you would like to discuss matters in more detail, please contact Ross Relocation Services.

To be eligible you have to satisfy the Balance of Family (BOF) test:

Your children are classified as “eligible children” and “ineligible children”.

Your eligible children are:

  • your children who are Australian citizens – can be resident in any country and

  • your children who are Australian permanent residents – must be usually resident in Australia and

  • your children who are eligible New Zealand citizens – must have lived in Australia prior to 2001 and be usually resident in Australia.

All children who do not fall into the above three categories would be classified as ineligible children.

At least half your children must be eligible children to satisfy the Balance of Family test.

If you have five or more children, you can meet the Balance of Family test if you have more ineligible children than eligible children but the ineligible children must live in different countries. For example, if you have two eligible children living in Australia and you have three ineligible children living overseas but the three ineligible children live in different countries (United Kingdom, USA and Italy), you can meet the Balance of Family test.

Children of both parents, including children of previous marriages or de facto relationships of either parent, are counted. One of your children must be “settled” in Australia: “Settled” means being lawfully resident in Australia for a reasonable period. Under policy, it can be said that in normal circumstances, two years is considered to be a reasonable period for permanent residents and three months for citizens.

You must be sponsored: Usually your Australian child (or child’s spouse) would act as the sponsor. A sponsor is required to sign a sponsorship undertaking that they will provide adequate accommodation and financial assistance, if required, to meet their relative’s living needs during their first two years in Australia.

An Assurance of Support bond is required: This is a refundable bond that is placed with the Commonwealth Bank. The bond is put in place by an Assurer who is required to show his/her last two years of tax returns with a taxable income of approximately AUD$45,000 per year. The Department of Immigration/Centrelink will advise when the bond should be paid. Your sponsor can also be your assurer. 

There are six parent visas:

Parent visa (103)

Aged Parent visa (804)

Contributory Parent visa (Migrant) (143)

Contributory Parent visa (Temporary) (173)

Contributory Aged Parent visa (Residence) (864)

Contributory Aged Parent visa (Temporary) (884)

Note that the visas listed above can be divided into a group of “Parent” visas and a group of “Aged Parent” visas.

All the Parent visa subclasses listed are offshore applications. You must be outside Australia when the visa is granted.

All the Aged Parent visa subclasses are onshore applications. You must be in Australia when making an application and when it is granted.

To be eligible for any of the Aged Parent visas at least one applicant must be 65.5 years of age. Any other applicant (spouse) may be younger than the stipulated age.

The abovementioned stipulated age is only applicable to any of the “Aged Parent” visas and not the “Parent” visas.

To be eligible to make an application onshore for any of the Aged Parent subclasses you must hold a valid visa (e.g. a visitor visa) while you are in Australia. If you have a “No Further Stay Condition 8503” on your visitor visa (or any other visa that you are holding while you are in Australia) you cannot make an application for an Aged Parent visa in Australia. 

We would like to reiterate that this is a simplified view of the parent visa program and that you should contact us if you wish to go through the visa options in detail.

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